App: available on iOS and Android


As a tea enthusiast for more than five years, I always wished there were a way to record my tea journey, including all the teas I tasted, teawares I collected, brewing methods I used, and feelings I sensed.

I then found that tea journaling was the best way to do this, but after trying a few paperback tea journals and other tea apps, I was disappointed. None of them felt right to me.

I wanted to create an all-in-one tea app that made it easy for tea drinkers to catalogue their teas and teawares, find their favorite ways of brewing, record their thoughts, and share with their tea friends.

So I created MyTeaPal. I hope through this app, we can all become more mindful about what teas we have tasted, how we brewed them, and how they made us feel. Wishing you the best with your tea journey! 🍵

About MyTeaPal

MyTeaPal is the ultimate companion for tea enthusiasts, an all-in-one tea app with timer, tracker, journal, community functions.

Main Functions